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Writer's Block: What a wonderful word

What is your favorite word, and why?
My favourite word has got to be "minion"... I love the word, it's just so much... fun!

Plus I've always loved the idea of minions, perhaps because all my life I've been told by family and friends that I'm going to become an evil dictator and take over the world... but i digress... 

I just love the way the word rolls off of my tongue and bounces happily in my minds eye. It's just such a happy word! 

I remember that I went to see a movie, Megamind, simply because I saw that, in one of the trailers, one of the characters is called Minion.. and he's an adorable fish!

Writer's Block: Share and tell

Did you meet your significant other or best friend on LiveJournal? Tell us your story!

About two years ago, soon after I first joined LiveJournal, I made a post about my love for penguins. I've always had a soft spot for the adorable creatures and I wanted to share that spot with the world. 
Nobody commented.
It was a little disappointing until I recieved a private message from someone who had read it and had found my post amazing. He said that I sounded like the nicest person he had ever met. Needless to say, I was a little disturbed by the message that ended up being quite long and a little stalker-ish. 
A few days later, he sent me another message that I opened a little nervously; it was an apology. He said that he hadn't meant to freak me out, only that he wanted to express his awe of my writing, especially on a subject that was very close to heart for him. 
We started sending emails to each other on a regular basis, and became quite good friends. Finally I asked him for a picture.

He turned out to be a penguin.

Not exactly what I was expecting, but I was okay with it. He's lovely and fluffy, but he can't actually get onto the computer very often as it freezes up a lot and none of the other penguins are very good with mechanics. But it's nice.
He's even invited me to go stay with him this summer! I can't wait! 

Describe your perfect pizza.
My perfect pizza already exists! In fact there are two of them...

One is like a full breakfast pizza, with tomato sauce, wurstel slices, mince, chips and an egg in the centre :D

and the other is one of those sandwiched pizzas, stuffed with nutela and iced with sugar <3

An Ugh-like Day


Ugh to university applications!!!

So much stress, and it's such a rush! I'd say that I'd be fine at the moment if I wasn't applying to Oxford, because they want the applications in so early. I have to have it in by next week, and no one else (that I'm currently thinking about at least) wants them in until after Christmas... 

And of course the issue of those aptitude tests that they want for whatever course you're applying for... I'm trying for English and Modern Languages, which means that I have to take a Linguistic test and an Italian test :L Although it seems that the person who writes the Linguistic aptitude test invents a new language every year just for the test and whoever is taking the test must try and understand it... which I think is really cool!

I remember one day a couple of years ago, during the summer holidays, I had one of those nights when you simply cannot sleep. It actually happens to me all of the time. But, anyway, I eventually gave up at around half-five in the morning and went downstairs to have some toast and watch some Stargate SG-1 and I got thinking about how, on most of the planets they go to, everyone speaks english. And so I decided to write a fanfiction, in which the people of the planet they visit speak a completely different language completely. And so I invented a language!

I still have all of the notes I made that morning.. In four hours I created a language complete with all of the rules and terms and such... I'm actually quite proud of it, although I never got around to giving it a name...

And hey! If anyone who happens to read this knows of any good universities in Canada that offers any scholarships for international students let me know!!!

llamaday xx

Writer's Block: Just stop, already!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Bad grammar! Or just speaking badly, like using wrong words and generally saying or writing things wrong, in any language. I can't stand it! It's taken me a long, long time to stop immediately correcting people's mistakes, but it still eats me up inside when they consistently do it.

Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month

Who is the biggest bully in your life? One response chosen at random will win an Amazon Kindle. [contest details] (sponsored by )

The biggest bully in my life has to be myself, as cheesy as it may sound. I always pressure myself and hate the way I look, I insult myself and sometimes I downright hate myself and who I am. It's a sad truth about teenagers, we are our own worse enemies at times, and certainly our worst bullies.  

Here I am, sitting in front of my computer with a seriously painful headache wondering, as many do, Why?

Why are we here? What purpose do we serve? Do we even have a purpose? What is the point in life? 

Why do we people work so hard, from the moment we start life, until the very second in which we finish it. We all know that one day we will die; although a few optimistic people hope that by the time that their turn comes around, humans will have found a way to stop death. 

But when we think about that subject, stopping death, do we really believe that we should invent a cure? Can death really be defined as something that needs a cure? Death is a natural part of life; without death, what would life be? Just as with happiness, what is happiness without sadness? What is good without bad? If we lived forever, would we ever do anything with our lives? Besides the fact that if no one died, our population would grow by enormous proportions and we would quickly outlive our natural resources like food, water and trees etc.

Our generation is so busy, working non-stop, always on the move, always on computers or on telephones - do we ever stop? will we ever stop? We will run ourselves into the ground, into early and painful deaths. 

But of course some people want that. That is what suicide is. Suicide is known as the cowards way out. The shortcut out of life. But can we really blame anyone who chooses to kill themselves? Life is hard. Life is really hard, and painful, and cruel and the only way that we can recognise the good moments is becasue we have to live and trudge on through the bad ones first. I read once a quote by Chuck Palahniuk:

“If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character...Would you slow down? Or speed up?” 

One good answer to that would be that you would slow down and savour each character as they are, take in as much of them as you can before moving on - like, for example, at a theme-park: whenever I go to a theme-park, I go on each ride, with a small break in between each, so that I can properly experience each ride and embrace each exciting moment, reliving it over and over again until I'm ready for another one, another adventure.

To be honest though, sometimes I think about speeding up, just to get over a bad experience. Sometimes a ride is just awful and you want to erase it from your mind with a new and better, more exciting ride. 


And now that that surprisingly depressing thought is written down, I feel far more relaxed... thanks for reading if you did, and -again- sorry if you did :)

llamaday xx

(and my head still hurts =.=)

Writer's Block: Remote control

What’s your favorite show on television?

My favourite show on television has to be Misfits. It's a british show about a group of young offenders on community service who get superpowers during a freak storm. There's a lot of dark, and perverted humour in it along with great action scenes and good graphics. I would suggest to anyone and everyone to watch it if they aren't easily offended :)

Writer's Block: And the forecast is…

I live in Italy and love going to the beach and swimming or lying under the sun and the heat, but my real love is the rain. I love huge storms with the rain making rivers on the roads, seeing the lightning look like veins in the clouds and feeling the thunder rumble in my chest.
What’s your favorite kind of weather?

I did it!

Wow, isn't this a surprise? I'm actually writing a second post... although, to be perfectly honest, I might not have if I hadn't have gotten a comment from someone... thanks a lot leftbaseI hope that you don't regret it :P

Hmm, I guess today I'll say a little something about myself... I really have no idea about what to write otherwise at the moment...

Ok, so... I'm Irish and have been living in Italy for the last four years or so... I'm a scout and proud :)... I love to read, write, draw, play computer and xbox games, I play the recorder, tin-whistle, piano and flute, I enjoy singing in the privacy of my bedroom when no one else is home... I'm a nerd :)

Ehh, that's really all that comes to mind about me at the moment... except that I have an odd fondness for cats (mainly orange ones), monkeys, and llamas... and I love pie so much that it freaks people out sometimes... not that I even eat it all that often.

I guess that I should probably stop typing now that I have nothing else to say... and if I let myself keep typing I'll probably scare anyone who is actually reading this off...

Bye, and thank you ever so much for not slapping me,

llamaday xx